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It’ll pass if only you believe and hold tight. Remain strong so you can witness more good mornings. Have a nice day ahead of you.

Yesterday may not have been what you expected. My prayer for you today is that your expectations shall be exceeded. Just believe. Enjoy an amazing day, Love.

Heavenly blessings will descend upon your life today as you wake. God’s grace will see you through the stress of today. Amen.

Another dream has come to pass today. Yes, the dream to see another day. So get out of bed and start fulfilling those dreams of yours. Good morning.

I pray that as you open your eyes to see the light of today, may the good of today rest upon your soul, spirit and body. Amen.

Lines will fall in places for you today if only you’ll believe. Be confident, determined and focused. Achieving your dreams is only one step away from forming a habit of confidence, determination and focus. Good morning.

Good morning to you who has seen today, who has woken from the land of slumber. Your eyes will not witness evil today and your ears will not hear bad news. Enjoy, my Love.

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Wake up to the beauty of this day. Forget your sorrows for a while. Tell yourself it’ll be fine because it really will. Remember that you’re loved by God, so relax and follow his lead. Do have a beautiful day, my Sweetest

Have faith in God! That thing that seems impossible is only a matter of words from him. That thing you think is going to end your life cannot do so if only you have faith. Just a little faith, today can be brighter than yesterday. Good morning.

Be strong and courageous. Be cheerful, someone is looking up to you out there and thinking “if she can, I can”. Cheers to a new day!

May God’s love illuminate your life today. So, people will not be able to behold the wonder of your radiance. Good morning, Dear!

May God supply all your needs in abundance today, and provide you with everything you need to eat well and feel good. Good morning, my Love.

All things will work together for your good today to favour you, to protect you, to guide you, and to help you in achieving your goals by God’s grace. Have a beautiful morning; my Beautiful one!

You’ll have no lack, no loss, and no limitations today. Embrace the spirit of freedom! Explore your world! Do the things that appeal to you! You have only one life to live and you’ve got to start living it now. Good morning.

May God keep you under his shadow today. May he go before you to make every crooked place straight, to break every gate of brass into pieces and cut every bar of iron. Amen. Good morning!

Today is for you. Arise and shine and bask in God’s glory. Bask in the strength of his saving arms and his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Good morning to you.

You’ve been given the power to tread upon the lion and adder today and every day of your life. So take up those difficult tasks you’ve been avoiding all these while. You can do it. Good morning!

Hello dear, God is able to do exceedingly above all that you ask or think of. Hesitate no more and ask Him today. Have a God-filled day of great possibilities.

Dear God, thank you for keeping my queen safe. Please keep her safe today as always so I’ll not lose her to the cold hands of death. Amen.

You’re the best thing that has happened to me so far. I pray the God of heaven will grant you the best things today and uplift you among your equals. Amen.

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