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Welcome to Here are Best Flower Gifs for You, You will find a full range of flowers gifs here. You can use these amazing GIFs to send messages to your girlfriend that are both elegant and romantic. Select the right one and put it in your status so that she gets excited.

You know that you really like someone when you are with the boys, discussing about the hottest girl around and you can't help but still think about that one girl because you simply can't get her out of your mind.

What I really like about you is your character and the person you are, your pretty face and oh-so-sexy body is just a bonus!

Do you really think I am crushing on you? It is not easy to like a girl so pretty, sexy, sweet, loving, caring, funny, adorable, charming and near to perfection! But I will think about it again.

Even if you walk away from me I know that our roads will cross again. And when they do, I'll know that this just was not the right time yet. I will wait for you.

I can turn down the hottest girls in the world for you. Because they don't stand a chance in front of you.

When you step into a room, all the boys go like 'Whoa, what a babe!' and I go like, 'Not just a babe dude, she's my babe!'

Please don't think that I am not interested in you because I don't talk to you. Maybe some boys too find it hard to approach the girl they find really pretty.

My grandparents had always warned me not to play with fire. I burned my eyes the minute they saw you. That is how flaming hot you were looking today.

To be very honest babe, I don't think you ever need make up. Perfection is better left unmessed with! And you always look perfect.

Hey, when you stepping front of me something stopped. Do you what? It was my heart beat.

It is time that I should tell you how jealous I am of your mirror. Each time you look at it, it gets to look back at you. ?

We have two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears but only one heart. Do you know why? Because God will send someone your way one day to make you complete with their heart. I want to tell you my dear, you are my other heart, because you make me complete.

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