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18th birthday is a great start in life,
Of a new life with hopes and new ways
Of a life being more responsible to say! 
Happy 18th birthday to you!

Cherish all your memories of the teenage,
Because now you are officially young at heart
And well, young to do things you desire
Happy 18th birthday to you!

18th birthday can be a tad confusing in life, 
How would you celebrate? 
As a teen who just turned young,
Or as a young, who now turned old
Happy 18th birthday to you!

Hey you be really young at your age,
But you always have the liberty to stay immature
For your lifetime, so the choice is yours
Happy 18th birthday to you!

Your journey to success starts from here and now,
Because you are officially responsible for your role
To reach your destination and goal,
Happy 18th birthday to you!

Its all official in life now, 
You can officially do everything you desire 
Realize that you would reach even higher
Have a blessed day!
Happy 18th birthday to you!

18th birthday is crazy world you know, 
Where you can be little wild and also have so much to show 
So, welcome to this world so new
Happy 18th birthday to you!

A mirror can only show your reflection, but it is your eyes that talk your mind. May your kind and beautiful eyes, always stay unchanged. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy your day.

Everyday is beautiful to a beautiful eye. Every moment is joyous to a joyous mind. Always believe in yourself and achieve big things in life. I wish you a very sensational birthday. Enjoy.

You are at the gate, today. A gate that separates your young years with the rest of your life. And as you grow in age, you shall realize the importance of these years.
Enjoy the day and have a blast. I wish you a very happy birthday. May God bless you with his love and warmth.

Your success and glory is always in your hands. And any excuse or reason, you come up with is just another easy way out. Never let the fate, construct your future, instead, construct your fate. I wish you faith, strength and focus to succeed in life. May God bless you.

A talent alone is never enough, you need to have a thirst to master it. In life, no joy comes easy and you shall learn this soon in your coming years. This birthday, I bless you with courage and determination to face it all. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

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